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"Bird and Stone have come together to form a brand new style of musical entertainment. 

Greg Parsons and Miranda Krogstad have brilliantly concocted a fresh new way to pour haunting folk harmonies, old school Hip-hop beats and powerful spoken word poetry into a blender, creating a mouth-watering musical margarita guaranteed to entertain folk fans of all ages”

- Josh Forbes, Roots Music Canada

Greg Parsons and Miranda Krogstad combine to form "Bird & Stone."  Acoustic folk meets spoken word poetry, Bird & Stone strike a balance between haunting harmonies and powerful lyrics. Some tracks entirely sung, others with rap-esque spoken verses, the meaning is never lost with this deliberate duo.

The members of Bird & Stone have performed at venues including Moose Jaw Sidewalk Days Festival, The Jack Singer Concert Hall, and The Engineered Air Theatre.

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