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Miranda Krogstad has a beautiful voice to go along with her warm, generous and intelligent words. As a performer, she has a refreshingly understated confidence, a presence that perfectly communicates her stories.


~ Deborah Willis

Author of Vanishing

Miranda is a gifted spoken word artist with a beautiful soul.  During her awe-inspiring performances, she enchantingly connects with the audience by articulating powerful and significant subjects.  The recitation of her poetry will leave you wanting more.

~ Arnold Henry

Author of Hanging on to My Dreams

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Krogstad’s interactive personality draws in any crowd, striking different emotions and themes from light and cheeky to deep and meaningful.  Using her words, music and body, she pushes the envelope with her complex visual and listening experience.  

Without asking, each piece demands attention, snaps and claps.

~ Inonge Chimwaso

Past Host of Expressions Spoken Word

Miranda Krogstad’s poetry is an absolute joy to listen to; her work is relatable, melodic, and animated.  She is able to twist and turn words and phrases, putting them in novel places to create poetry that is just so darn delightful to the ear.  Her poetry has made me smile and it has made me tear up – and everything in between!


~ Donya Pashapour

Organizer of University of Calgary Mental Health Symposium

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