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Anyone who is challenged by finding their voice, their inspiration, can find encouragement and ingenuity in her carefully crafted words.  Like the accomplished spoken word poet Sarah Kay, Miranda exhibits the same vulnerable yet confident manner when performing her poetry.  She simultaneously commands attention and puts the audience at ease, creating a safe place to relate those precious and vulnerable moments in our lives.

She was professional yet personable with the students, creating an atmosphere of creativity and mutual respect.  Her presentation was well put together; the students could easily take notes and ask questions as she progressed through the information.  The method of her delivery, mixing theory with performances of her poetry, helped to make the ideas the students were learning relevant and recognizable.  She was at ease in front of the class, able to create a discourse in a moment where the communication is typically one-directional.  She inspired the students to continue to write, re-write, re-write again, practice, and perform.  

~ Shawn Daniher

Teacher, Grade 10 Creative Writing



Learn more about Miranda's unique offering and how her work can be customized to suit your students' needs in this Create Your Own Workshop pamphlet 

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