Personalized Writing Support

Vows & Speeches

$150 for the first hour

$125 for consecutive hours

6 hour coaching package for $600


Need help telling the people in your life how special they are?  

Whether it’s your lifetime partner in crime, a family member, 

or a close friend, get some expert help putting into words 

what they mean to you.



Custom-written poem for the bride and groom 

For wedding invitations, speeches, etc


$360 for a custom-written poem


This offer includes coordination with the client, 

a questionnaire to be filled about the couple, 

and revisions of the piece to cater it perfectly 

to your requests.

Live Speech / Poem, MC-ing

$600 for 4 hours

$800 for 8 hours


Whether you're looking for someone to run the show 

or want to kick off the speeches with a toast to remember, 

Miranda has a way with words that will make your special day sparkle. 

Wedding Souvenirs

$600 for 4 hours

$800 for 8 hours


Instead of the typical table-top presents, 

give your guests a souvenir that shows them 

how special they are to you.  In this interactive combination 

of entertainment and gift, your guests will fill out a questionnaire,

meet and chat with the poet, and have a 4-8 lines of poetry 

crafted especially for them.  



Custom Song 

For First Dance


$480 for a custom-written song

See rates below for live performance


Your first dance song would be as unique as your relationship.  

Have a song custom-written in exactly the style you want, 

with words that speak to your relationship 

and the most memorable moments within it. 

Live Music Performance

Background Music or Dance Hits


$400 for 2 hours

$600 for 4 hours


Let the acoustic folk duo, Bird & Stone, serenade you 

on your special day.  Immaculate harmonies 

laid over beautifully hand-picked guitar lines, 

music perfect for background instrumentals 

or the dance floor alike.